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Jack Swenson – Sep 15, 2011

Myra, good to have you back! Thanks for the thumbs' up for my story "The List."

Bill Yarrow – Sep 15, 2011

Thank you for faving "The Knitting Needle," Myra!

JP Reese – Sep 12, 2011

Myra: Thank you for reading and liking "The Lost Boy." It means a lot to me to have this story embraced by others.

Bill Yarrow – Sep 10, 2011

Myra, you are always so kind! How lovely to have you comment on (and fave) the Chattanooga poem. Thank you.

Susan Tepper – Sep 08, 2011

Myra it's great to see you back on F'naut and thanks so much for what your wrote about the POV on my story "kid" I appreciate!!

dris khali – Aug 30, 2011

Thanks,Myra, for reading; favoring and commenting on " The Small hills of My cousin".

Bill Yarrow – Aug 19, 2011

Thank you, Myra, for your kind comment and fave of "The Grave of Rimbaud."

Bill Yarrow – Jul 15, 2011

Hi,Myra! So nice to hear from you. Glad you like the idea of the group. Thanks for your comment on my last poem.

Jerry Ratch – Jun 20, 2011

Thanks for your comments on "Man Running from a Bar", Myra!

Jack Swenson – Nov 30, 2010

Myra, Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words for "Lefty's."

Matthew A. Hamilton – Nov 30, 2010

Thanks Myra for reading Hands. Glad you enjoyed it.

Bill Yarrow – Nov 30, 2010

Thanks for reading, commenting on, and faving "The Proud Accounting," Myra. In terms of its meaning, it's based on a real event in my life, but I think whatever you take from it is legitimate.

Pamela J. Parker – Nov 24, 2010

Myra - you made my day! Many thanks for the comments and fave for "The Silence of Harold."

Jack Swenson – Oct 31, 2010

Myra, you are too kind. Thank you for your flattering comments about "The Party."

Bill Yarrow – Oct 30, 2010

Thank you for your wonderful comment, Myra. Glad you liked "Florid Psychosis"!

Jack Swenson – Oct 13, 2010

Myra, thanks for the "yes" (with a bang mark!) and the fave for my nutty story.

Bill Yarrow – Oct 12, 2010

Thanks for faving the Orange Julius poem, Myra. Thanks for visiting!

Michelle Elvy – Jul 29, 2010

Thanks again, Myra, for the comment and fave on A Night of Not Knowing. You are so lovely!

Bill Yarrow – Jul 29, 2010

Thanks, Myra, for faving the Flaubert piece. I claim no credit for his wonderful words.

Thanks for watching the You Tube video!

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jul 28, 2010

Thank you for reading Peace of Mind. Glad you liked it.

J. Mykell Collinz – Jul 27, 2010

Hi, Myra, thanks for reading She's Out. I appreciate your insightful comment and the fav.

Matthew A. Hamilton – Jul 27, 2010

Thank you for reading White Death and for the Fav. Much appreciated.

Jack Swenson – Jul 26, 2010

Yup, Myra. I'm an old cat hand. Herded many; rustled a few. Thanks for the great comment!

Claire King – Jul 26, 2010

Hello Myra! How are you? I've been away from fictionaut for a while, lots of catching up to do (my usual pattern!). Thanks for stopping by Flesh & Blood and your lovely comment.

Michelle Elvy – Jul 25, 2010

Myra! Thank you for commenting on French Kiss. Glad you liked that one -- it was fun to write. Now I can't get that damn ram out of my head... :)

Jules Archer – Jul 22, 2010

Hi Myra- Thanks for reading, commenting and faving "Passages". Glad you enjoyed it.

Bill Yarrow – Jul 22, 2010

Hi, Myra! Welcome back. Glad you liked "Processes." Thanks for faving it!

Michelle Elvy – Jul 21, 2010

Ah, Myra, Myra, MYRA!! Did not confuse you at all, just the names... sorry but as you say you are in excellent company! Broken Mirrors is still with me today -- I read some heavy stuff last night late, all of it so very good.

Jack Swenson – Jul 21, 2010

Myra, I think I STILL believe in evil humors. There has to be some explanation!

Michelle Elvy – Jul 21, 2010

Ah, thanks, Myra, for your enthusiasm and star on French Kiss! Good to meet up again!

J. Mykell Collinz – Jul 06, 2010

Myra, your comments and fav are very much appreciated. I had been wondering about the detailed descriptions and I'm encouraged to know it's "the right type of writing to bring out the hardness." Thanks.

Brianne Fidgety – Jun 21, 2010

Egon, Captain Ahab, and Sputnik enjoyed your poem, but it may have had something to do with the carrots that accompanied it. Whatever the case, they were wheeking with joy!

Michelle Elvy – Jun 14, 2010

Myra -- thanks once again for your insights in my story X. I so appreciate your comments, always.

J. Mykell Collinz – Jun 14, 2010

Hi Myra, thanks for reading Unfit and faving it. You can see why I asked about your sex scene.

Roberta – Jun 13, 2010

Thank you for the kind comments on 'All Else Falls Away!'

Kait Mauro – Jun 13, 2010

Thanks for the nice comment Myra. :) You are always so encouraging, it's so appreciated.

Michelle Elvy – Jun 13, 2010

thanks so very much, Myra, for your comment and FAV on my flag day challenge story, X. "Riveting" is a very strong description -- needless to say, I am pleased. I really liked working all those x's in - I'm glad you find that the form works and that those ten X's are unobtrusive. THANK YOU, you are a dear!

Veronica Purcell – Jun 12, 2010

Good to meet another Aussie. Thanks for your comment on my story and for joining the Scifi & Fantasy Group. Appreciate the support.

Juhi Kalra – Jun 11, 2010

Myra, Thank you for your lovely compliment on "This is how they were found". Looking forward to reading your work soon. The beginning of a new poetry series has been posted today. Enjoy.

Jack Swenson – Jun 11, 2010

Myra, Thanks for your endorsement of my latest post. The cat herding is going well. We lost one recently, but the rest of the herd is happy & healthy. Knock on wood.

J. Mykell Collinz – Jun 11, 2010

Hi Myra, thanks for printing, reading, and faving Atonement. I'm glad to know it held your attention, you liked the dialogue and the characters. Yes, I worked on this chapter and did some research.

Mary L. Tabor – Jun 11, 2010

Myra, Thank you for the welcome and the tip on how to respond when someone writes on my wall. You are so kind and I am indeed glad to be here!!! Thank you for your lovely words.

Mary L. Tabor – Jun 11, 2010

Myra, Thank you for the welcome and the tip on how to respond when someone writes on my wall. You are so kind and I am indeed glad to be here!!! Thank you for your lovely words.

Cynthia Hawkins – Jun 11, 2010

Thanks for the welcome!

Susan Tepper – Jun 09, 2010

Myra, thanks so much for your read and sweet comments on Solitary. Yes, Poesia was a great little mag, it had spirit and was rebellious. I, amongst other poets, miss it

Doug Bond – Jun 09, 2010

Myra, thank you for reading ...Yonder" and for your comments/insights

Erica Hoskins Mullenix – Jun 09, 2010

Myra, thanks for your thoughtful reading of "we're all in there somewhere". I'm excited about reading a few of your stories. What an extensive list!


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